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Yage/Ayahuasca Retreats

Colombia - Putumayo

Ancestral knowledge to heal thyself



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Achieve healing and a deep connection with yourself and the natural world with this medicine retreat, guided by the renowned Curandero Taita Juan Bautista of the Kamentsa Community.

9-day immersion with the ancestral Kamentsa lineage and their healing ways to heal, grow and learn.

Bird Portrait
Bird Portrait

Early Bird Price

Here in the land of origin at Healing Center Shanayoy, we will come together for a time of deep healing and profound learning, guided by the plant medicine Yage(Ayahuasca), and master healer Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy. Longtime apprentices Celina De Leon and Erika Salazar will support these retreats and provide full translation, preparation, and integration guidance.

20% discount
With a deposit made 4 months in advance.


Pricing and Details:

Please email us for details

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★ Scholarships options and payment plan options are available for those with limited resources.




Personal consultations before and after the retreat, integration practices, ample time for rest and reflection, personal consultations with Taita Juan, optional day trips to local hot spring facilities, natural local cuisine, a hike in the mountains to waterfalls and natural hot springs, excursions to local artisans.


- Pre-arrival support

- Private transportation from Pasto Airport to the Retreat Center

- Multi-Lingual Staff Support

- 9-days, 8-nights at the house and healing center of Taita Juan Bautista Agreda.

- Local cuisine prepared by Taita Juan’s family specifically for the ceremonies. 

- Three Sacred Plant Medicine ceremonies


- Individual energy healings.

- Individual and group counseling sessions to prepare for and integrate ceremonies.

- Plant baths and plant remedies as needed

- Hot springs/waterfalls/local artisan excursions.

- Daily Yoga and Meditation.

- Plant Medicine walks and Plant medicine education.

Payment Terms:

  • We accept payment online. Once your application is approved, we’ll send you a link via email.

  • Guests pay a deposit of $900 to confirm their reservation. Guests can also pay the full retreat amount.

  • Terms for cancellations: All deposits/payments are fully transferable to a later retreat.

  • To reschedule your retreat, you must cancel and reschedule it one month in advance.

  • Airfare is not Included.

  • Please don’t book flights until we’ve accepted your application.

No cost to Apply.
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maloca shanayoy new.jpg

Through the legacy of our ancestors, we have created a specific center of healing, oriented in the medicine.  It is a structure that provides better care in the medicine ceremony.

We call this center Shanayoy, which means, "Where you go to Heal".


Mind, Body and Spirit Benefits
of Plant Medicine

Positive Mental Health

Helps shift mental attitude. Useful for treating various emotional issues and unhealthy mental patterns