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Healing Center Shanayoy, Projects and Community
Indigenous Activism



Our vision is to share our Ancestral Knowledge, which has been preserved since time immemorial, for individual and collective healing to empower our Local community,  connect Humanity, and strengthen Mother Earth.


Under the leadership of the two-time governor of the Kamentsa people Taita Juan and his family, our organization seeks to support community projects to strengthen the culture, art, and ancestral medicines of the Kamëntšá Biyá indigenous territory.


Winter and poverty are factors in the Kamentsa indigenous community. Shanayoy is working to find resources for the construction and repair of houses to help restore hope and dignity to the lives of the Kamentsa families who are affected.  So far with support, we have managed to build 8 houses and repair 15 homes.

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Shanayoy is an indigenous organization that seeks the world's healing through local action.  The dignity and strength of our people live in the preservation and regeneration of our culture,  native land, and ancestral medicine and wisdom.


Located in the Kamentsa indigenous reservation of Tamabioy.

We work with organizations worldwide to collaborate in health and cultural exchange projects to strengthen the Kamentsa nation and global community. 

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Our organization Shanayoy prioritizes the human and natural resources of the Kamëntšá Biyá indigenous territory; guided by our ancestral wisdom and medicinal plants, our current projects focus on the conversation and regeneration of our native lands, culture, health, and education.  With your support, together, we can strengthen our local community.

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