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In the heart of the Colombian Amazon, nestled within the lush and biodiverse rainforest, lies the invaluable repository of ancient medicinal plants. These botanical treasures have played a profound role in the healing and well-being of humanity for countless generations. The guardians of this ancient knowledge are the Kamentsa Biya community, custodians of a tradition that stretches back through time.

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A project led by Taita Juan Bautista Agreda for the cultivation and harvesting of vegetables from the Kamentsa territory for the environmental education of youth, on the importance of organic production, native seeds, and the production of organic fertilizers and herbicides.


We have already planted over 1000 crops shared with the community and hope to continue this effort for the resilience and sovereignty of the Kamentsa Nation.

We are seeking support for:


-The creation of a bank of native seeds, corn, beans, peas, turnips, and other endemic spices of the Kamentsa, for distribution and exchange with growers.

-Teach the Kamentsa growers of the reserve and nearby places the production of organic fertilizers and herbicides in the ways that were done in the past.

-The strengthening of the production and marketing chains of 100% organic products in the Kamentsa reservation and the sale to the Tabanok Sibundoy people.

Medicinal plants, Native seeds, and their traditional uses are part of the Kamentsa community and our traditional connection with Mother Earth. Colonization has caused part of this knowledge to be lost, leading to monoculture. At Shanayoy, we are cultivating native and organic medicinal plants and food for conservation with a vision to become self-sufficient and create food security.  This project is an extension of the community; it provides an opportunity to regenerate our lands and protect our culture through biodiversity. 


The vision of the Shanayoy organization is to support our Kamëntšá Biyá community in all aspects of the social, educational, and health chain,  so we can flourish.

Under the leadership of the three-time governor of the Kamentsa people, Taita Juan, and his family, our organization seeks to support community projects to strengthen the culture, art, and ancestral medicines of our Kamëntšá Biyá indigenous territory.

If you are interest in learning and support the projects, we can send you the full project, timeline and budget.

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Thanks for your Support!!
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