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What we do now will create the capacity for precious Indigenous cultures and knowledge to be whole in the future and take the leadership we need as a humanity to prosper in harmony with Nature.



The mission of the Shanayoy organization is the support the Kamëntšá Biyá indigenous community in all aspects of the social, educational, enviromental and health chain, for the flourishing of the community in a harmonious manner.

Under the leadership of the two-time governor of the Kamentsa people Taita Juan Bautista and his family, our organization seeks to support community projects to strengthen the culture, art and ancestral medicines of the Kamëntšá Biyá indigenous territory.


Shanayoy is an indigenous organization that seeks the healing of the world, through the sacred relationship with the Earth, cultural alliances, and the dignity of the indigenous peoples of the lower Putumayo.

Located in the Kamentsa indigenous reservation, we work with organizations from all over the world to collaborate on projects of health, culture, and strengthening of the Kamentsa nation.

If you are interested in learning more and supporting the projects, please contact us!

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Thanks for your support!
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