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Retreats Scholarship Program

Shanayoy’s Scholarship Program is an initiative to increase access to Amazonian plant medicine treatments. This program provides applicants with a scholarship to attend a Medicine retreat at our center Shanayoy.

Scholarship Application

At Shanayoy Center, we are committed to making our medicines and knowledge accessible to all seeking it. We understand that many individuals who need the medicine most are those least able to obtain it.  As such, Shanayoy designed a scholarship program to support individuals seriously committed to their healing process who would otherwise be unable to attend a retreat. There is no discrimination in the selection process; however, particular emphasis will be given to indigenous leaders.

This scholarship program is meant for those who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend a retreat with us. We ask that you only sign up for this program if this is the case for you. Otherwise, you will be taking a spot from someone who truly needs this support.

Any donation you wish to make towards this program can be made by clicking the donate button above.



Financial Aid and Payment Plans

We are one of the most reasonably priced retreat centers for those working within a budget.  We offer economical, safe, and comfortable lodging.  While we usually ask for a $900 deposit to secure your spot, we evaluate payment plans on a case-by-case basis.   Please fill up this form if your financial situation warrants additional assistance.

Scholarship Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

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