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Retreat Application

The work carried out in Shanayoy by Taita Juan and the specialized team is individual, seeking the healing and well-being of each person from physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses.

The registration steps for the retreats have several measures to ensure the well-being and health of all participants; a medical form and initial interview are essential to ensure the health of you and the other participants.

Once you complete the application form, we will send you a medical form to see your medical history and how we can support you through our retreat and plant medicine work and schedule a call to answer any questions you may have. 

Pricing and Details:

Contact us for details

This all-inclusive package covers everything you need for a transformative journey:

  • Transportation from Pasto Airport to the Retreat Center.

  • Nourishing meals and comfortable lodging throughout the retreat.

  • Engaging international practices to enrich your experience.

  • Personalized private and group consultations to support your growth.

  • Three medicine ceremonies to guide you on your spiritual path.

Upcoming dates  2024

June 20 - 28th: Registrations are open

November 1-11th.

February 21st - March 2nd 2025


Here at Shanayoy, we offer an authentic experience, Learn the ancient traditional ways of seeing the world. This is a path of holistic spiritual learning, that allows us to heal our minds bodies, and spirits. Seeing all aspects of life, the internal and external world, and how they are connected and interdependent. Balancing these different aspects of ourselves and our place in the world so that life can be one like a dance. When we know how to live our lives in a good way life is beautiful.

  • How we can heal and become more connected to ourselves and our environment

  • Learning indigenous perspectives of healing

  • Connecting to ourselves, the present moment

  • Finding our internal power

  • Work on limiting beliefs and healing traumatic incidents

  • Learn meditation techniques

  • Practice yoga, the importance of daily practices

  • Work in a group setting

  • Learn healing songs, how to live through intention and connection to God

  • Collaborate on an organic farm. Discovery of what it means to move forward toward health and beauty, contributes to the creation of a healthy living system.

  • Connect with like-minded people focused on health.


Our retreats have an important educational component, where we seek to further educate the international community on the use of ancestral medicines, protocols, and the legacies of the elders who dreamed this time of opening these ways to the world.


Ayahuasca can awaken us to our sacredness and potential, providing doorways to the immense power and connection that exists within us, leading us to the source of life.

Our current system of living, the modern world, has become unhealthy for many, creating unbalance in our body mind, and spirit.

Our society has the tendency to separate/disconnect us from the power that lives in nature and within us. This has brought depression, anxiety, confusion, and illness into many of our lives. Plant Spirit or Master Plants like Yage/ Ayahuasca are here to support the openness and evolution of our human consciousness, to heal and thrive. 

The focused work, provided at Shanayoy, is designed to heal and reconnect us to nature and the natural field of elements that are within us. The experience of this connection empowers us to find clarity within so that we can free ourselves from the chains that prevent our growth. This enables us to become more present with clear actionable steps forward toward health and beauty. This transformation of self initiates the possibility to create healthy living systems that our children and future generations may inherit.  



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