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Ceremony Preparation and  Integration


The preparation is an important part of the work in the ceremonies, there are foods, medicines, and substances that can interact negatively with the Yage / Ayahuasca Plant, which is why we support the preparation of each person in a personalized way, sending a document to read it and be very aware in order to have a good physical and spiritual experience with our sacrament.

Yage/Ayahuasca Integration

In the same way, we carry out the accompaniment during and after the retreat, in a personalized way, we will guide the integration process by means of a telephone call to guide the process and support integrating the work with the medicine under the guidance of our sacrament.

Shanayoy is a community, a family that endures and accompanies individual and collective processes in a loving and professional manner so that in unity we follow the path of healing and spiritual evolution to which we have been called.

Following a retreat, it's common to feel increased joy, gratitude, and purpose; however, maintaining these states when returning to the world is not easy. It requires tremendous faith and commitment. When leaving the protected space of the retreat center, we typically return to the stresses and responsibilities as before.  Our lifestyle habits and maladaptive coping mechanisms remain deeply ingrained into our neurological and biochemical makeup.


These tendencies won’t simply go away following a retreat, but will likely remain for the rest of our lives.

Consequently, there is a very real risk of regressing to previous patterns of being, and the related thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. However, with renewed awareness, individuals can now respond to life differently than previously — this is the essence of integration.  

Perhaps the most important element in integration is to have infinite patience and compassion with ourselves. The habits we’re working to change often have their origin in childhood, and have been deeply ingrained and reinforced throughout our lives. The reality is that regressions and relapses happen. After the retreat, we may again find ourselves overwhelmed and act out in self-destructive ways. It’s especially imperative in these moments to extend kindness and patience to ourselves. We must recommit to learning from the experience and doing better next time.

At Shanayoy, we are committed to supporting your post-retreat integration. Our facilitators are here to assist you throughout this transitional period. During a retreat, we provide specific integration techniques. After a retreat, we continue to stay in touch and encourage you to contact us anytime.

Further Yage/Ayahuasca Integration Suggestions and Techniques:

  • Rest and allow time for contemplation of the insights obtained during the retreat.

  • Pay attention to nutrition. Follow the post-diet guidelines and hydrate.

  • Wait a few weeks before implementing any major life changes/decisions.

  • Don’t overshare your experience or try and make rational sense of it too early.

  • Journal to recover lost aspects and help process emotions.

  • Spend time in nature.

  • Review your experience with regard to your original intention.

  • Identify which aspects of your experience seem necessary to incorporate into your life.

  • Practice yoga, meditation, or other embodied spiritual practices.

  • Contact Shanayoy facilitator for additional support.


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