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This is an example of how our retreat will unfold, with 3 Plant Medicine ceremonies, hike to natural hot-springs, and visit to the hot-spring facility, personal and group consulttion, personal treatments and remedies as needed, yoga and meditation and visit to the indigenous shops.

Day One

11:00 am Arrive at Shanayoy Center

1:00 pmLunch

2:00 pm Orientation Meeting

6:00 pmDinner

Day two

7:30 am Yoga and Meditation

9:00 amBreakfast

10:00 amGroup Meeting

1:00 pmLunch

2:00 pmGroup Consultations with the Taita Juan

5:00 pmPlant Bath

9:00 pm1st Ceremony

Day three

9:00 amBreakfast

10am – 1pm Rest

1:00 pmLunch

2-5 pm group and Individual Consultations

6:00 pmDinner

Day four

7:30 amYoga and Meditation

9:00 amBreakfast

1:00 pmLunch

2-4pm Hot-springs facility visit

4:00 pmPlant Remedies if needed

8:00 pm2nd Ceremony

Day five

9:00 amBreakfast

1:00 pmLunch

5:00 pmFlower Bath

6:30 pmYoga

7:00pm Dinner

Day six

8:00 amYoga and meditation

9am breakfast

1:00 pmLunch

2:00 pmGroup Meeting

8pm 3th ceremony

Day seven

9:00 amBreakfast

1:00 pmLunch

2:00 pmGroup and individual consultations

6:30 pmPlant garden walk

7:00 pm dinner

Day eight

8:00 amBreakfast

9:00 amHike to El Salado National park and natural Hot-springs

8:00 pm Dinner

Day nine

9:00 amBreakfast

Kamentsa indigenous Market

1:00 pmLunch

2:00 pmGroup Photo

2:30 pmFinal Group Meeting

6:00 pmFarewell Dinner

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The dates of our next retreats in 2023

February 8th - 18th

March  15th - 24th

May 12 -22th 


Let's Work Together

Please project and mission in the Kamentsa reservation of Putumayo Colombia Link

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