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The facilitators of the yage ceremonies under the Kamentsa ancestral legacy, Taita Juan  head teacher and his family, Erika Salazar, German Muchavisoy, Mercedes Agreda, Nicholas Busciglio, among other expert apprentices of the ancient teachings.

Teacher and Leader

Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy is a Kametsa indigenous, a traditional healer from the Sibundoy Valley, in the Alto Putumayo of Colombia. He is the son of Taita Martín Agreda, a man of knowledge of the Kamentsa tribe and comes from a recognized family of traditional yageceros.

Taita Juan is a well-established leader in his community and has more than 40 years of experience working with Amazonian medicine, including yagé (Ayahuasca) and other plants. He has been recognized by the Minister of Health in Colombia as a traditional healer and in recent years he has traveled to various countries to share his knowledge and treat patients with different diseases.

"I belong to the Kamëntšá community of Sibundoy Putumayo, Colombia. I  started my journey on this path from the time I was child, learnings the traditional medicine inherited by my father Taita Martin Agreda."


Erika Salazar

Erika Salazar is a Colombian woman of indigenous ancestry and custodian of the Healing Altar of the Amazonian Kamentsa Nation.

She has over 20 years of experience working with Plant Medicines and Healing Arts under the tutelage of Traditional Medicine Man Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy.

The ancient traditional ceremony passed on to her is solely dedicated to the healing of body, mind, and soul.

Erika is also a professional medical herbalist In the Vitalist Tradition with the NAIHM and a Holist Therapist from the University Esneca from Spain.

Mother of two children and Minister of Circle of Sacred Nature 501(c)3 church.  


Healing Center Shanayoy, Projects and Community
Indigenous Activism

It is a time of change, and together we can bring more balance to the World.
A small effort of some, can make the biggest difference for many.


Shanayoy Healing 

The Kamentsa Indigenous have a thousand-year-old heritage and an ancient healing altar through the Yage / Ayahuasca knowledge Medicine Plant. Our leader Taita Juan and a group of specialized assistants lead the Sacred Medicine Ceremony for Healing.

Mind, Body and Spirit are one with creation and a holistic harmony is need for perfect health, this ancient knowledge carries the keys of understanding, healing and strength for all humanity.

Traditional Kamentsa Plant Spirit Shamanism

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