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The Shanayoy healing center is located in the Sacred Valley of Sibundoy, in Putumayo, Colombia. in the rural area, it is a natural and ancestral place surrounded by medicinal plants, and organically grown food. This familiar and cozy place is where Taita Juan and his family live, a safe place where ceremonies have been held for more than 40 years.

The facilities are humble and clean, with local, organic, and vegetarian optional food, specifically for the healing processes and ceremonies. 

All rooms are private, with a single bed, two of them with a private bathroom, and the rest with a shared bathroom. In the same facilities is the Shanayoy maloca or ceremonial house, where Yage/Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies and personalized therapies are performed and yoga and meditation classes, In the same territory we carry out classes on medicinal plants and walks in the garden of medicinal plants. Nearby we do our walks to the river and hike to the Salado waterfalls to the natural hot springs.

It is an environment where the participants are part of the family, and we seek a community and individual approach to healing work.

Safety and Healing

It is necessary to feel safe for the healing to occur, to be in a safe place so that the spiritual opening takes place and we can carry out the work with the medicine. Responsibility and knowledge of working with these power plants are necessary for healing to occur.

At Shanayoy we maintain a caring, safe and supportive center to ensure guest welfare at all times. Our healers led by Taita Juan, a master healer with more than 40 years of experience, are also individuals of integrity with decades of experience working with plant medicines. 

In response to the COVID-19 virus, we’ve implemented simple, yet effective, biosecurity measures to ensure a clean, comfortable and secure environment for retreat.


Some of our risk management and safety protocol measures include:

Retreat Safety

  • A thorough medical and psychological screening process prior to arrival. All interested individuals must submit a pre-arrival medical questionnaire to evaluate potential risk factors.

  • We supply detailed orientation information to help prepare individuals for their journey. This information includes everything from logistic and travel requirements to yage/ayahuasca dietary concerns. Additionally, we are always available to chat via Whatsapp to answer any pre-arrival questions.

  • Upon arrival, we provide additional information regarding the facilities, the hosts, the ceremonies, and the activities. Our staff is always approachable and will answer all your questions to the best of our abilities.

Ceremony Safety​

Facilitators in yage/ayahuasca ceremonies are of vital importance for the well-being of the participants, knowledge, practice, and experience play a vital role in this work. At Shanayoy Center we have a group of facilitators who are experts in working with medicine, and who seek health, safety, and harmony in all aspects of healing work.

"Our fundamental purpose is health and well-being, opening the paths so that we can all safely understand the difficult processes that can be experienced to find the beautiful teachings of this remedy"

the registration steps for the retreats have several steps to ensure the well-being and health of all participants, a rigorous medical form and prior interview are important to ensure the health of you and the other participants.

There are some people who are not suitable to carry out the medicine sessions and participate in the retreats, due to physical or mental health issues.

Safety at Shanayoy

Additional Safety Measures​:

  • We have medical specialists on call 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

  • All food and drink are prepared with filtered water.

  • We provide detailed information and techniques on how to safely integrate the ayahuasca experience.

  • Guests are also welcome to contact us for support any time they choose — months, or even years, after leaving the retreat center.

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Shanayoy Healing 

The Kamentsa Indigenous have a thousand-year-old heritage and an ancient healing altar through the Yage / Ayahuasca knowledge Medicine Plant. Our leader Taita Juan and a group of specialized assistants lead the Sacred Medicine Ceremony for Healing.

Mind, Body, and Spirit are one with the creation and holistic harmony is needed for perfect health, this ancient knowledge carries the keys to understanding, healing, and strength for all humanity.

Traditional Kamentsa Plant Spirit Shamanism

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