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“My experience in Colombia was very transformative.  Being immersed in nature, home of the sacred medicinal plants, and the Kamentsa community created the setting for a profound experience.  I could feel the energy of the land and community supporting my process. 

I was able to go much deeper and the insight that came during the retreat was life changing.  I returned home with a major gift and shift.  I enjoyed the relaxation of the environment, beautiful people, fresh food, and hikes within the mountains, which also complimented my process.  I am very thankful for my experience and look forward to attending a retreat there again.”

James Brinson Jr.

Writer, Holistic healer and Oneness Meditation teacher



"I’ve been on this sacred path for many years and have had the pleasure of working with many of Taita Juan’s protégés consistently for a better part of my journey. I started making the pilgrimage to see Taita a few years ago and have been three times, coming up in my fourth very soon. My goal is to visit at least once a year.

Every time I visit the homeland, Taita and his family welcome me as if I’m one of their own. I have grown exponentially in my healing due to my work with Taita and feel, as a white person, extreme honor that I am allowed to be a part of these ancient ways. I have tremendous respect for this work and visiting Taita always opens me up to new levels of healing not possible with the western way. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel deep gratitude for this path, for Taita and for the availability of these beautiful rituals that bring us back to ourselves in such a deep and meaningful way. I am a much better person because of Taitas passion and dedication to this work, his energy creates a ripple."

Shannon Doyle
Hypnotherapy, Holistic Counseling, Coaching

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